Location : Toronto, Ontario
Job Type : Full Time
May 10, 2021

The Talent Manager will provide leadership to the team daily and build an integrated staffing and scheduling process through a centralized staffing office. Focus on protocols for demand planning and operational people scheduling by matching staffing levels to laboratory testing requirements. Enable the management to plan, assess and make decisions to resolve issues and to improve staff application. 


Key responsibilities

  • Engages in ongoing development and improvements by assisting in the review of systems, structures, policies, and processes to support excellence in staffing.
  • Manage development and oversight of the plans, and protocols for demand planning, capacity utilization, and operational people scheduling activities. 
  •  Management of the data analysis and environmental scanning to inform forecasting and demand planning.
  • Management of ongoing assessments involving staffing complement, ensuring optimization for capacity and demand throughout areas. 
  • Initiates annual vacation and holiday scheduling process for unionized staff in compliance with all collective agreements.
  • Prompts the leadership team to update and refine staffing contingencies for their areas and participate on internal committees, liaises with departments to ensure staffing
  •  Interacts with Labour Relations and Disability management with regard to employee illness and outbreak situations to support adequate staffing.
  • Manages and supports the implementation and evaluation of best practices, quality documentation practices, and accountability models.      
  • Manages and oversees responsibility for scheduling and allocating of staff in accordance to requirements, standardized processes, policies, and procedures, while working in a time-sensitive and deadline-driven environment.
  • Contributes to the development of the department’s mandate and operating procedures by taking a significant role in the identification of new projects that fit the company mandate, suggesting areas for improvement in internal processes along with possible solutions.
  • Keeps updated on the latest research and developments in the area of specialty within the company and at other institutions.
  • Supports staff in utilizing problem-solving and resolving staffing issues by ensuring adequate supplies and working equipment is available for staff.
  •  Monitors trends in attendance and highlights areas of concern for leaders and departments.
  • Develops scheduling options for managers to improve coverage, and Identifies positions which require review by the leadership team by looking at staff satisfaction.
  • Working with a scheduler and scheduling software, providing work schedules for the company system.



Skills and Knowledge

  •  Undergraduate degree in a related field of study, such as Business, and certificate in an accredited Human Resources program plus a minimum of 5 years related experience in a unionized environment or equivalent.
  • Certification as Project Management Professional or related field/experience;
  • Progressive management experience managing and planning in a specialized and complex environment, ideally with a minimum of 5 years management experience in this content area to manage the development and operational planning of sound, initiatives, programs, and operations.
  • Knowledge of the roles and authority of the various external stakeholders in order to develop operational strategies in the context of the system as a whole.
  • Project management skills to manage multiple projects and deliver measurable results.
  • Highly organized with priority setting and workload management and problem-solving skills to coordinate multiple, concurrent issues and projects. 
  • Proficient with various computer systems and software programs including database management, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications, (MS Office). 
  •  Manages coordination and liaison across the company, engaging with multiple external clients and stakeholders in a wide range of jurisdictions often related to matters of complexity, potential risk, and visibility.

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